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Carfisher is an “innovative car service looking to save both dealerships and customers time and money by putting them into direct communication with each other. I believe Carfisher has created a win-win situation for both the customers and the dealerships."


Simply sign in, post what you are looking for, and dealerships will make you offers on your Carfisher page. This new service will even deliver the car straight to your door. With access to over 25,000 car dealerships in the United States and Canada, there is no doubt that Carfisher will save you time and money.
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We will match customer requests to your inventory, and guarantee you will only get leads on vehicles you have. This means real people and real information. And its all free of charge until you're ready to make offers!
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What is Carfisher

Carfisher wants you to have the best possible experience when purchasing a vehicle.
Sign up for a Carfisher account, select the vehicle you would like to purchase, and dealerships will compete for your business on your Carfisher page.
No more searching through countless classified ads and no more wasted time spent on car lots. Everything can be done in one spot at Carfisher.com

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