Our Privacy Commitment

At Carfisher we know how important it is to protect your personal information. If you are purchasing a car with us online we want to make every customers’ experience safe and secure. In keeping with that goal, we have developed this Privacy Policy to explain our practices for the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information.
This Policy applies specifically to the Carfisher Website.

What Information does Carfisher Use?

At Carfisher, we collect two types of information: personal information and non-personal information. The types of information we collect depend on the nature of your interaction with us.

Personal information

  • Personal information is information that can identify an individual or information about an identifiable individual. We may collect personal information such as:
  • Your contact information – e.g., name, postal address, telephone number, and email address
  •  Your personal preferences – e.g., product wish lists, language preferences, and marketing consent
  • Your transaction information – e.g., products purchased, method of payment, amount paid, and credit or debit card number.

Non-personal information

  • Non-personal information does not identify you as an individual. For example:
  • We may ask you for your postal code to assist us with finding dealers in your geographical area
  •  We may collect certain non-personal data when you visit our Web Site, such as the type of browser you are using or the referring URL
  •  We may collect and summarize customer information in a non-personal, aggregate format for statistical and research purposes. We may, for example, summarize our data to determine that a certain percentage of users are male, aged 25 to 35.

You may choose not to provide us with your personal information. However, if you make this choice we may not be able to provide you with the product, service, or information that you requested.

How will Carfisher Use my Personal Information?

Carfisher may use your personal information for a number of different business purposes, for example to:
· fulfill your specific requests for products, services or information;
· provide customer support to assist you with your questions or complaints;
· conduct surveys in order to improve our services;
· measure and improve the effectiveness of our Web Sites or our marketing endeavours;
· detect and protect against fraud and error;
· track and analyze your purchases and preferences to better understand your product and service needs and eligibility;
· if you ask us, to offer and promote additional products and services we offer; and

Your Consent

Carfisher will collect, use, or disclose your personal information only with your knowledge and consent, except where required or permitted by law. When you choose to provide us with your personal information you consent to the use of your personal information as identified in this Privacy Policy and as may be further identified at the time of collection.

Express Consent

  • Sometimes you will be asked to give your express consent, such as by checking a box to indicate your consent to receive marketing communications, or by providing your signature to indicate your acceptance of the use and disclosure terms presented on an application form.

Implied Consent

  • Other times, we may obtain your consent implicitly when we can reasonably conclude that you’ve given consent by some action you have taken or an action you have decided not to take. Generally, this occurs where the purpose for use of your personal information would be reasonably apparent to you.

Withdrawing Your Consent

  • You may notify us at any time that you wish to withdraw or change your consent to our use and disclosure or your information. We will accommodate your request subject to legal and contractual restrictions related to your transactions.
  • If you have "opted in" or subscribed to our website, we will always provide you the opportunity to "opt out" or unsubscribe.


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